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Created 2-Dec-12
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I like making photographs of flowers. I think of many of these flower photographs as floral portraits. Flowers are necessary to add a little colour to our lives. These examples of floral wall art will give you years of pleasure as they brighten the most grey of days.
Chrysanthemum 1Chrysanthemum yellow whitePoppyFlowers on a blue backgroundWhite Lily on a red background.Pink Woodsorrel flowersYellow Chrysanthemum flowerRed Clover on a white background.Bluebells 1.Greater StitchwortChrysanthemum Carnation flowers Crystal glass vase.Carnation ChrysanthemumChrysanthemum yellow blueThree Tulips circular - antiqueRed Rose Close-upRed Rose Close-up - square - Vintage film effectChrysanthemum yellow flower blackThree colourful Tulips on mottled blue backgroundChrysanthemum Carnation lead crystalCarnation pink white

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