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Created 13-Apr-14
27 photos

Eye-catching textures of all kinds; natural and man-made.
Lynmouth 4Wine glassWhite Lily on Black - monochromeThree Tulips circular - monochromeWine glass and bottle.Rocky abstract ocean scene in cyanWhite Lily on Black.Four Tulips - square and monochromeThree Tulips - monochromeEwe and Lamb at Whinlatter Pass.Three Tulips - monochrome.Lynmouth Fishing Creels.Dunster Bridge.Cross monument in Lowther Church Yard.Church on the Lowther estate Monochrome2White Lily on Black - monochromeWhite Lily on Black.White Lily on Black - monochromeWhite Lily on Black monochromeWhite Lily on Black - monochrome

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