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Created 17-Nov-15
72 photos

Everyday things given an extra-ordinary twist. This collection of images has been created by taking my photographs and adding texture and/or colour for dramatic and artistic effect. Some of the effects have been created by painting textures and/or colours onto watercolour paper then photographing the result and using those photographs to create overlays for these images. I hope that you like them.
Seedhead.Eryngium - Sea HollyBottalack Mines - CornwallAshness Bridge - Landscape VersionThe Glow of Le Mont Saint-Michel at Sunset.The Bay of the Mont Saint-Michel - tide out.The Coquet River - toned and texturedAshness Bridge - portrait versionThe Jacobite Memorial Monument - GlenfinnanMinimalist Tree in the fog.Bamburgh Castle across the beachSouthwold Beach HutsToned and Textured CoquetLe Mont St. Michel.Old Hut and BoatOld Boat on Aldeburgh Beach.Britten's Shell.Britten's Scallop Shell at Aldeburgh.Blue Boat at Aldeburgh.Riverside tree in the fog.

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