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Created 15-Apr-16
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I believe that your portrait should tell your story and bring out aspects of your character, your beauty and your uniqueness. We are all different people at different times - the one that we bring out for formal or special occasions, the one when we adopt a more "casual" approach to life and the one that we present when we are engaging in your hobbies or pastimes. Only capture one of these and you don't capture the whole of you, so I am inviting you to a photo-session where you will be able to express the formal you, the casual you and perhaps the happiest you, when you are engaging in your hobby - this is the most important one as it shows what you are about much more than the other sets. Included within the price would be one 10" x 8" unmounted print from each of the sets. In addition you would be able to choose from a myriad of other presentations (high quality canvases, acrylic prints, albums, as well as extra prints and much more from the shoot at extra cost) please contact me for further details.
High-key in red and white.Young woman sitting - High-key.Young woman in red reclining.Glamourous Starlet.Vintage Portrait.Low-Key couple.Fly-away hair.Split light portrait.Young Woman

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